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Movie Review: The 5th Wave

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MV5BMjQwOTc0Mzg3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTg3NjI2NzE@__V1_SX640_SY720_The human race stands on the brink of extinction as a series of alien attacks decimate the planet, causing earthquakes, tsunamis and disease. Separated from her family, teenager Cassie Sullivan will do whatever it takes to reunite with her brother Sam. Fate leads her to form an alliance with Evan Walker, a young man who may be her last hope. Forced to trust each other, Cassie and Evan fight for survival as the invaders prepare a fifth assault.

Release Date: January 22, 2016

Genre: Action, Adventure, Si-fi and Fantasy

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 1hr 52min

Director: J Blakeson

Story By: Rick Yancey


Chloe Grace Moretz- Cassie Sullivan

Nick Robinson- Ben Parrish

Alex Roe- Evan Walker

Zachary Authur- Sam Sullivan

Maika Monroe- Ringer

Liev Schreiber- Colonel Vosch

thumbnail_23205My Review:

First off let me begin with stating that I have not read the book, although, I fully intend to do so at a later date. I just got home after taking a twelve year old girl to the theaters to watch this movie. Neither one of us was disappointed with this movie. In the words of Kayla, the twelve year old, “I didn’t like that movie. I loved that movie!” There was plenty of moments that we were both clinging to edge of our seats as Cassie the main character fought to get to her brother. There were also plenty of moments were we laughed and or where we wanted to cry. I must warn you this movie isn’t rated pg-13 just for a few explosions. So, don’t take a child that is too young! For example a man is found bloody and injured in the back of a convenience store. He makes a disturbing comment to a girl about “his stomach falling out”. This may be a shocking scene but, it’s not too graphic, though. This movie gives you a little bit of everything! You get the action along with a bit of romance lingering in the back ground. The movie left both Kayla and me wanting to know what happens next. I truly enjoyed this movie and hope that you do too! As we were leaving the theater Kayla asked me, “When the next one comes out will you take me to see it?”

Well, my lovely readers, I certainly hope I will be able to take her to see the sequel.




Movie Review: Cinderella

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The story of “Cinderella” follows the fortunes of young Ella whose merchant father remarries following the death of her mother. Ella welcomes her new stepmother Lady Tremaine and her daughters Anastasia and Drizella into the family home. But when Ella’s father suddenly passes away, she finds herself at the mercy of a jealous and cruel new family. Finally relegated to nothing more than a servant girl covered in ashes, and spitefully renamed Cinderella, Ella could easily begin to lose hope. Yet, despite the cruelty inflicted upon her, Ella is determined to honor her mother’s dying words and to “have courage and be kind.” She will not give in to despair nor despise those who abuse her. And then there is the dashing stranger she meets in the woods. Unaware that he is really a prince, not merely an employee at the palace, Ella finally feels she has met a kindred soul. It appears as if her fortunes may be about to change when the palace sends out an open invitation for all maidens to attend a ball, raising Ella’s hopes of once again encountering the charming “Kit.” Alas, her stepmother forbids her to attend. But as in all good fairy tales, help is at hand as a kindly beggar woman steps forward and, armed with a pumpkin and a few mice, changes Cinderella’s life forever.

Release Date: 13 March 2015

Genre: Family, Drama

Rating: PG

Runtime: 112 min

Director: Kenneth Branagh


Lily James – Cinderella

Richard Madden – Prince “Kit” Charming

Ben Chaplin as Cinderella’s Father

Hayley Atwell- Cinderella’s Mother

Cate Blanchett- Lady Tremaine

Holliday Grainger- Anastasia

Sophie McShera – Drizella

Stellan Skarsgård -Grand Duke

Helena Bonham-Carter -Fairy Godmother

Nonso Anozie -Captain

Derek Jacobi -The King

My review:

Cinderella is no longer the damsel in distress I used to think she was. I was intrigued by the trailer for this movie, so I decided to take a chance. Cinderella has never been my favorite Disney Princess, but after seeing this film she has definitely earned a spot on my list. This movie was amazing and better than I hope it would be. The props were so detailed. The film gave more back story on her family and I loved that. The transformation scene was incredible the animals were particularly incredible. Don’t just take my word on how magical this film is; go see it for yourselves! Also, when you go see this movie, keep an eye out for several Disney princesses that appear during the ball scenes. It’s a real treat! You don’t want to miss this movie.

God’s Not Dead Movie Review

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A religious college freshman must debate the existence of God with his skeptical philosophy professor in order to earn a passing grade. Josh Wheaton is a Christian who never thought his faith would get in the way of his education. So, he is upset when, on the first day of his Philosophy class when Professor Radisson  starts the semester by demanding that each of his students deny the existence of God in order to earn a passing grade.  Josh tries his best to refuse and Professor Radisson tells him that in order to continue in the class, he must make an air-tight argument for the defense. Also, the semester will culminate in a debate between teacher and student on the subject. If the class remains unconvinced of God’s existence, Josh fails, causing his entire academic future to go up in flames.

Released March 21, 2014

1hr 53min

PG:  An Accident Scene, Thematic Material and Brief Violence

Genres: Drama

Director: Harold Cronk

Leading Stars:

Shane Harper- Josh Wheaton

Kevin Sorbo- Professor Radisson

David A.R. White- Reverend Dave

Marco Khan- Misrab

Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson (Duck Dynasty)

What can I possible say about this movie?


I was blown away!

Mainly this film focuses on the argument between the cynic and the believer, but this movie has a bit more meat to it. There are few more characters and subplots. There is journalist with a cancer diagnosis, a brother and sister caring for their mother who has dementia, a Muslim girl who defies her father by being a Christian.

This movie is well-paced and easy to get caught up in. Makes you wonder what is going to happen next and will even yank a few tears from you.

The characters are a perfect fit for this movie. As is the soundtrack that plays throughout the movie and the appearance of Newsboys.

In the end this movie was more than just a film, it was a message. This film showed the problems Christians face on most college campuses today. While the credits are rolling, we are shown that there are hundreds of cases where Christian students and professors are fighting for their rights on campus.

Trust me when I say that you should go see this movie. You will be enlightened, inspired and you may even want to shed a few tears.

Go see this movie!

I  can’t wait for this movie to come out on DVD.

Divergent Movie Review

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(Flickr Photo)

(Flickr Photo)

Society is divided into five factions; each representing a different virtue. The teenagers must decide if they want to stay in their faction or switch to another defining who they are for the rest of their lives. Tris Prior makes a choice that surprises everyone; Tris and her new fellow faction-members have to survive an initiation process which is very competitive to survive the choice they have made. They must pass extreme physical and intense psychological tests, that may transform them all. However, Tris has a secret, she is Divergent, meaning she doesn’t fit into any one group. If anyone knew, it would mean death. As she discovers a growing conflict that threatens to destroy her perfect society,  she discovers this secret with the help of Four might help her save the people she loves or destroy her.

Released March 21, 2014

2 hr 23 min

PG-13: some sensuality, intense violence and action and thematic elements

Genres: Action/Adventure

Director: Neil Burger

Leading Stars:

Shailene Woodley- Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior

Theo James- Four

Kate Winslet- Jeanine Matthews

Ansel Elgort- Caleb Prior

Ray Stevenson- Marcus Eaton

Walking into this movie there were whispers of Hunger Games playing in the back of my mind even after having read the books, but I was determined to give this movie a chance to prove itself. Visually this movie was a delight, showing off Chicago in its decaying state and  the costumes to of the five factions’ clothing that was just like a uniform.  The various factions are introduced as Abnegation(selfless); Amity, (peaceful); Candor, (honest); Dauntless, (brave); and Erudite, (Intelligent) or of course the faction-less and they belong to no one.

Woodley, turns out to be recognizably human in the acting out of her character, Tris, who spends most of the film learning to survive in a very intense manner, whether it comes to leaping, tossing knives and risking death. Woodley brings this character to life and makes her vulnerable and real and lets us feel what it’s like to be in her shoes. She brings the emotion to the screen!

I wish the movie had answered a couple of questions. For instance like, why are the factions so divided. I have high hopes that other questions will be answered in the sequels.

The soundtrack for this movie was rather awesome featuring several songs by Ellie Goulding.

Overall, I would say that this movie is worth seeing even though there are a few slight differences between the book and the movie. These difference don’t ruin the movie experience.

I liked this movie and can’t wait for Insurgent to hit movie theaters.

Hope you enjoy this movie too!


Foreign Films

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I spent all day yesterday watching foreign films at my school! This is what happens when you don’t do so hot on an exam and need extra points. I received five points per movie and these were the movies I sat through. (In viewing order of course)

The Spirit of the Beehive

Set in a calm and uneventful remote village in the 1940s; two Young girls see a Frankenstein movie. One of the girls is traumatized by the film and begins to wander the countryside determined to find the creature and drifts into her own fantasy world.

(Flickr photo)

(Flickr photo)

Opened:  January 1, 1973

Director: Víctor Erice

Genres: Drama

Country : Spain

Language: Spanish

1 hr 35 min


All I can say is Spirit of the beehive, what spirit? Mostly a monster hunting movie not much about the bees. The bees were there, but may have been overshadowed by Frankenstein. This gothic style film is interesting in its own way but, a bit lacking. However, I understand this since it is told from a little girl’s point of view. This film is probably not one I would watch again.

Goodbye Children



Set at a French boarding school which is  run by priests. This school seems to be a haven from World War II until a new student arrives. He becomes the roommate of the top student in his class. Rivals at first, then the roommates form a bond and share a secret.

(Flickr photo)

(Flickr photo)

Opened: October 7, 1987

Director: Louis Malle

Genres: Drama

Country: France

Language: French

1 hr 44min

Rated: PG

This film was surprisingly interesting. Definitely pulls at the heart strings and may even pry out some tears in the process.  This film is full of boys, since it is a all boy’s catholic boarding school. However, this film portrays young boys as what they may be like away from home and what they might be feeling and going through. This film is worth seeing!




About five friends, in Berlin of 1941, who are eager to become heroes in an adventure that will change Europe and themselves as well. Highly decorated officer Wilhelm is off to the eastern front with his younger brother Friedhelm, who is more interested in literature than the war. Charlotte, who is in love with Wilhelm, is a nurse who looks forward to serving in the Wehrmacht on the eastern front. While Greta is a talented singer who wants to become another Marlene Dietrich and her Jewish boyfriend Viktor still cannot convince his parents to leave Germany. Valor and courage are major themes but also betrayal – of values, beliefs, humanity. Friedhelm turns into a soulless killing machine, while Wilhelm deserts his troops and is court-martialed and Charlotte’s Nazi ideology crumbles when she betrays a Jewish nurse. Greta receives what she wants by selling herself to an SS colonel. They all wanted to be heroes. However, none of them could imagine what the war would do to them and to the world.



Release date:  March 1 2013 (Germany)

Director: Philipp Kadelbach

Genres: Drama

Country: Germany

Language: German

4 hr 39 min

Not Rated -Does have adult and intense scenes.

I loved this film! It was originally done as a mini series, but was squeezed together into a little over four hours. This film is the soap opera of the World War II world. This history retelling is both intriguing and captivating; I was left wondering what was going to happen next. Even though it’s four hours long this film is a must see.



A ten year old girl living in a suburb of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.  Wadjda is fun loving, entrepreneurial and always pushing the boundaries of what she can get away with.  She sees a beautiful green bicycle for sale and wants the bicycle so she can beat Abdullah, a boy she shouldn’t be playing with, in a race. But Wadjda’s mother won’t allow it, fearing repercussions from a society that sees bicycles as dangerous to a girl’s virtue.  Wadjda decides to raise the money. At first, Wadjda’s mother is too preoccupied with convincing her husband not to take a second wife to realize what’s going on.  Wadjda’s plans are ruined when she is caught running various schemes at school. Just when she loses hope of raising enough money, she hears of a cash prize for a Koran recitation competition at her school and enters!

(Flickr photo)

(Flickr photo)


Release date:  September 13, 2013 (Limited)

Director: Haiffa al Mansour

Genres: Drama

Country: Saudi Arabia

Language: Arabic

Rated: PG

1 hr 37 min

This film is the first of its kind since it is produced by a woman, first time ever for this location! This film is  very cute and funny in all the right spots. It also portrays a very close mother daughter relationship. I enjoyed this movie very much and would watch this one again! All that needs to be said is go see it!

That is all I saw during the Foreign film day. I was exhausted by the time the last movie ended and was ready for some food and some serious sleep. This day began at 11am and ended at 9:50 pm. However, I learned one thing at the end of the day. I dislike subtitles!

I think I’ll try studying harder next time!



Vampire Academy Movie Review

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(Flickr photo)

Based on Richelle Mead’s series, Vampire Academy. Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir, (half human/vampire) and Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi,(mortal peaceful vampire) attend a hidden boarding school for Moroi and Dhampirs . Rose, who is training to be a guardian for her best friend, Lissa who is a vampire Princess. They been on the run but, when they are captured and returned to St. Vladamirs Academy. They are forced back into the dangerous Moroi Society and high school drama. Lissa struggles to place herself back into her roll in the Moroi society while Rose trains with Dimitri (mentor and love interest) to guarantee her position as Lissa’s guardian. Rose will do anything to protect Lissa from anyone who means to harm her at the Academy and the Strigoi  (immortal evil vampires) who hunt her kind from outside the academy.

(Flickr photo)

(Flickr photo)

Released February 7, 2014

1hr 44min

PG-13: Sexual Content, Language, Bloody Images and Violence

Genres: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Leading Stars:

Zoey Deutch – Rose Hathaway

Lucy Fry – Lissa Dragomir

Danila Kozlovsky – Dimitri

(Flickr Photo)

(Flickr Photo)

From the moment I purchased my movie ticket and selected the perfect seat I was ready for the movie adventure that was Vampire Academy. I’ve been a fan of the vampire academy novels ever since they first appeared on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. However, I was slightly wary of this movie version of the book I had come to love very much. I was in the end pleasantly surprised by the experience. The movie followed Richelle Mead’s book very closely and the different types of vampires were introduced early and in a creative way. I wasn’t left confused at which type of vampires there were. The cast was an excellent fit for the characters in this novel. The Blood tie between Rose and Lissa was something to be anticipated and was a visual treat for movie goers.  Rose’s sarcasm was really brought out on the screen in the best way possible; Zoey Deutch was truly Rose Hathaway just as I had imagined her while reading. The Dialogue was everything a book fan could hope for; the dialogue was both witty and edgy. A few things I didn’t like but, did not ruin the movie was the rearrangement and the shorten of some scenes to fit the time allotment for the movie. Also, I felt as if the movie wasn’t taken seriously at time. It was a bit corny at moments but, scenes were dark and suspenseful when needed though mostly humorous.

Overall, I would say that this movie is a must see. Especially, if you’re a fan of the book; book fans should be very happy with this movie version of their Vampire Academy book. Also movie readers should get a kick out of the Twilight jokes and the final scene; I know I did!

Hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.



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