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Book Review: The Uprising

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51yoZp8GE3LThe Uprising

Author: Kachi Ugo

Novella: 92 Pages

Publisher: (August 19, 2016)


Sarah Justice is many good things, including a descent Earth Elemental, a wonderful partner to her man, and a new mother. However, when an extremely powerful Dualist from the future—a man able to wield the magic of two of the Elements—abducts her newborn, she is turned into a cold blooded killer. In a bid to rescue her child, she sparks a rebellion, birthing an organization of young, skilled Elementals, who are immediately branded terrorists, and blithely transgressing every Law known to her kind. And the powers that be—the Global Elemental Authority and its ruthless leader, Commander Thorn, who is infamous for being remarkably vile to offenders—are not in the slightest forgiving. But there are bigger occult entities at play. Sarah may soon realize that her resolve is not enough. Notwithstanding, she has vowed to recover her child, heedless of where it takes her: to death or to victory.

My Review:

Kachi Ugo delivers a novella that will leave fantasy readers wanting more! The Uprising is a fantasy featuring a strong female character, Sarah Justice, who is all about getting her baby back. Her son has been stolen out of this time and place and into the future through a portal. And she’s definitely not alone in this mission to get her baby back. Kachi Ugo has a fantastic writing style and the story develops a great pace. Fans of this fantasy genre will disappear into this story filled with characters using Fire, Air, Water, and Earth Elementals skills. Readers may be disappointed that the novella does not go on to and leaves much up in the air. However, they are not to be let down since future books in this series will clear everything up! Fantasy readers should definitely keep their eyes open to anything come from Kachi Ugo.


I received this book free from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Happy Reading!


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