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I’m Back!

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Wow! So, let me just say that I missed all of my readers!

But, I had an awesome time and experience at camp! I love camp so much!

I’m already ready to go back.

I got to pour out the love of Christ on little girls week after week. There is absolutely nothing to compare that feeling to in the world!

I got to read bedtime stories to them and give them hugs right before they went to sleep.

There are so many experiences that should be experienced and working at a camp is one of them!

Those little girls loved it and so did I!


I also missed my blog!

So, Now that I’m back here are a few things that you can look forward to.

  • One more camper quotes
  • Staffer quotes from this summer
  • Beaversharks!
  • Did Ya Know? Will resume on Thursday!
  • Book Reviews  (In perfect Time and a few others)
  • The Phrases We Use blog post
  • A  movie review (Hopefully! cross your fingers!)
  • 40 shakes of cookout challenge- adding to that after trying some more shakes.
  • Songs of the heart! (songs I love and adore not always heart touching songs)
  • Many more post as I think of them


I can’t wait to get started!





Camper Quotes!

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Here are couple I forgot about last Time!

1.) While playing Apples to Apples

Camper: “What is this?”

Me: “Amputation.”

Camper: “What does that mean?”

Me: “Well, that is when someone has to have an arm or leg removed.”

Camper: “Rude!”


2.) Question during Bible study

Me: “You can pray anywhere.”

Camper: “How about while using the bathroom?”

Me: “Yep, even then too.”

Here are some new ones

3.) Hairdryers

Camper: “What no hairdryers!?”

staffer: “Nope, no hairdryers.”

Camper: “Why not?”

Staffer: “Here at camp we are roughing it.”

Camper: “Is that why your hair looks like that?”


4.) Hulk Smash!

Little boy who liked to smash tree limbs over his head smashes one in front of me

Me: “Hulk No Smash!”

Later on that day during worship…

Me: Pointing to the front, “Turn around and pay attention.”

Camper: “If I pay attention can I break tree limbs over my head?”

Me: “Nope but, you can pay attention.”



Camper Quotes

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1.) One day during bible study

Camper: “So, God randomly chose Mary.”

Me: “Not so random.”

Camper: “Oh…Well, God chose Mary and then he shoved Jesus in her tummy!”

Me: Pausing a moment to think. “Basically.”

2.) One day down at canoes

Me: “Don’t go over there because that is where the beaversharks are.”

Camper: “What do they look like?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Camper: “Are you scared of them?”

Me: “Nope. We are friends.”

3.) Another day down at canoes

Camper: “Where are the beaversharks?”

Me: “Over there.” pointing over my shoulder

Camper: “Can I go over there?”

Me: “Nope”

Camper: “Why not?”

Me: “Their prime feeding time is at 7:30pm.”

Camper: “What Time is it now?”

Another staffer: “7:25pm.”

Camper: Eyes go wide

 Other staffer and me: Burst into laughter

Camper: Confused look on her face. “What’s so funny about that?”

Other staffer and me: Burst into more laughter

4.) One day at lunch

Camper: Pointing with excitement “Oh look there is the missionaries’ son Shamu!”

Me: Laughing. “Shamu is the whale. That’s not how his name is pronounced.”

Camper: “close enough.”


Camper Quotes!

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Camp is one of my favorites places to be each and every summer!

Campers are such a joy to be around especially when they don’t realize exactly what they are telling you.


1.) This  happened during a mother/daughter mini camp during Bible study.

Camper: “My mom and me go to a temporary church.”


Sounds like this church doesn’t last very long!

It’s a good thing she really meant Contemporary church.

Her mother corrected her after she had finished laughing at her daughter’s blunder.


2.) This happened during GA/Acteen mini camp while I was greeting new campers as they arrived in my cabin.

Camper: “What are we doing after dinner?”

Me: “Worship”

Camper: “What are we doing after worship?”

Me: “Talent show”

Camper’s eyes widen

Camper: “But I don’t have a talent!”


It’s a good thing for this camper that our talent show was only for the staffers!


3.) This one happened during a GA/Acteen mini camp right after we had finished worship and we were just about to begin our talent show.

Camper: “Miss Brittany are you married?”

Me: “Nope”

Camper: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Me: “Nope”

Camper: “Do you want one?”

Me: “uhhh…”

Camper stands up


Me: “SSSHHH! There aren’t any guys here it’s a girls camp!”

Camper sits back down

Camper: “Ok then give me your address and I’ll send you pictures of some guys”

Me: “You already have my address.”

Camper: “I know the perfect guy for you!”


I should be worried that a 12 year old wants to set me up.


4.) This happened during the GAs/Acteens mini camp during our bible study.

Me: “Jesus is going to come back the same way he left. That is what the Bible says.”

Camper:  “He’s gonna come back dead!?”


It’s a very good thing Jesus rose from the dead before he ascended into heaven. OR else she would have been right but, I did my best to explain to her just what I meant.


Keep an eye out for more of these post!

These all happened during one week of two mini camps.

I can’t wait to see what they will say next.

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