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About Me!

*Hi! I’m Brittany though most people call me Brit.

* I’m a Preacher’s kid and no I’m not a rebel. (I know you were thinking this but, it’s ok, )

*I’m adopted, best day of my life. I love my family so much.

*I’m a college student majoring in English, concentration in Literature and a minor in communications.

*I’m obsessed with books! I love them and gotta have them. They are like oxygen to me; without them I die. So books are necessary to me.

*I’m a music and movie junkie. This is a good thing because I hate silence.

*I’m a listener, I love to just listen even if your not speaking to me. So this also means I’m rather nosy.

*I’m a writer. My characters are near and dear to me.

*I’m a child of the king! Which means I have been adopted not once but three times.

Other than all of this I’m a normal girl who likes to read, write and hang out with my friends.

If you would like to know anything else feel free to ask. Also do some exploring and feel free to leave me a comment.




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  1. Hey Brit! I’ve been following you’re blog for a while now and love your Did Ya Know posts! They are awesome!
    Also, I’ve nominated you with the Liebster Award, click the link below for more details:



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