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Movie Review: The 5th Wave

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MV5BMjQwOTc0Mzg3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTg3NjI2NzE@__V1_SX640_SY720_The human race stands on the brink of extinction as a series of alien attacks decimate the planet, causing earthquakes, tsunamis and disease. Separated from her family, teenager Cassie Sullivan will do whatever it takes to reunite with her brother Sam. Fate leads her to form an alliance with Evan Walker, a young man who may be her last hope. Forced to trust each other, Cassie and Evan fight for survival as the invaders prepare a fifth assault.

Release Date: January 22, 2016

Genre: Action, Adventure, Si-fi and Fantasy

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 1hr 52min

Director: J Blakeson

Story By: Rick Yancey


Chloe Grace Moretz- Cassie Sullivan

Nick Robinson- Ben Parrish

Alex Roe- Evan Walker

Zachary Authur- Sam Sullivan

Maika Monroe- Ringer

Liev Schreiber- Colonel Vosch

thumbnail_23205My Review:

First off let me begin with stating that I have not read the book, although, I fully intend to do so at a later date. I just got home after taking a twelve year old girl to the theaters to watch this movie. Neither one of us was disappointed with this movie. In the words of Kayla, the twelve year old, “I didn’t like that movie. I loved that movie!” There was plenty of moments that we were both clinging to edge of our seats as Cassie the main character fought to get to her brother. There were also plenty of moments were we laughed and or where we wanted to cry. I must warn you this movie isn’t rated pg-13 just for a few explosions. So, don’t take a child that is too young! For example a man is found bloody and injured in the back of a convenience store. He makes a disturbing comment to a girl about “his stomach falling out”. This may be a shocking scene but, it’s not too graphic, though. This movie gives you a little bit of everything! You get the action along with a bit of romance lingering in the back ground. The movie left both Kayla and me wanting to know what happens next. I truly enjoyed this movie and hope that you do too! As we were leaving the theater Kayla asked me, “When the next one comes out will you take me to see it?”

Well, my lovely readers, I certainly hope I will be able to take her to see the sequel.




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