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Send Me Now: Houston, TX

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This summer I will be a Summer Missionary!

I leave tomorrow morning!

Where Will You be Serving?

Mission Centers of Houston, TX

What Will You be Doing?

Serving at the Mission Centers of Houston gives you a chance to immerse yourself in urban ministry in the fourth largest city in the country. You will truly jump in the deep end of inner city ministry! As a missionary intern at MCH you will be challenged and pushed in numerous ways, all of which will grow you as a follower of Christ and equip you for missions and ministry long after your time with us is through. We offer a truly comprehensive ministry experience. Missionary Interns at MCH lead clubs for children, preteens and teens. They lovingly distribute food and clothing. They help with ESL and Zumba classes, and are very active in community life. They serve senior adults in numerous ways. They also lead visiting youth groups in prayer walking our communities and serving in these same ministries. They work hard, serve hard and love hard. Through serving children, students, families, senior adults, and visiting groups on mission trips you will develop as a leader and disciple and see your vision, heart and skills for missions grow exponentially.

How Long Will You be Gone?

Dates of Service: June 1 – July 31

How Can You be Contacted?

Letters, cards, etc….Can be sent to the following address.

Brittany Kirk

c/o Gano Mission Center

1815 Gano Street

Houston, TX 77009


Yes please!

Pray for:

  •  Safety and travel
  • Guidance
  • Wisdom
  • Energy on long days
  • Joy on all days
  • Communities in which we will be serving
  • People we will meet
  • Families back home
  • Lives to be changed through Christ!

I’m looking forward to seeing and experience all that God grants me this summer! This summer is all for the Glory of God and showing others  the love of God through my words and actions.

My plan is to keep this blog updated throughout the summer. (Hopefully)

I can’t wait to see how God is going to use everyone this summer!

About britkirk

Hey Y'all! I'm a Christ Follower-Bookworm-English Degree Holding-EMT-Movie/Music loving Peculiar Treasure, Smiling and laughing my way through life. Feel free explore my blog. Comment too! I love meeting new people ! Hint Hint :)

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  1. Prayers go with you sweet girl (which you are grown now). So proud of you. Like I know your Mom some how knows. Be safe and keep the Lord the center of your life just like you are doing now. Love you.



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