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1.)Flynn was Originally supposed to be named Bastian.

 Bastian and Rapunzel…Nope!


2.)The two minute storm sequence in The Little Mermaid took a team of 10 animators over a year to finish.

 really!? Wow!


3.) Sulley has exactly  2,320,413 individually animated hairs.

Did they count them as they drew them? or After? Or maybe the computer did…


4.) The Beast, in Beauty and the Beast, has the mane of a lion, the beard and head of a buffalo, brow of a gorilla, eyes of a human, tusk of a wild boar, body of a bear and the legs and tail of a wolf.  

So, is he considered one of a kind?


5.)The queen in Sleeping Beauty was never actually given a name in the film.

Now, that I think of it I never remember hearing her name.


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