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Did Ya know is back!

Are you ready?


1.) In the original Peter Pan book, he killed the lost boys when they got to old.

Peter Pan doesn’t seem so fun now..


2.)All the Disney princesses are thought to be teenagers.

Snow White- 14 years old

Cinderella- 16-19 years old

Aurora- 16 years old

Ariel- 16 years old

Belle- 17 years old

Mulan- 16 years old

Jasmine – almost 18 years old

Pocahontas- 17 years old

Tiana- 19 years old

Rapunzel -18 years old

Forget love and grand adventures my dad would have dragged me back to the house!


3.) The original Scooby-doo series is set after a horrible economic depression. Everything is abandoned and falling apart, and all of the villains are people who would normally be respected ( Professors, museum curators, celebrities) who have fallen into hard times just like everyone else. 

The history behind things is mind-blowing!


4.)The little mermaid has had over one million hand drown bubbles

Talk about a hand cramp.


5.) Elsa was originally the villain but, after hearing the song Let it Go Disney changed the plot.

I’m Glad they did! However, I’m curious as to what the first plot was now…


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  1. Wow! Didn’t know that history about Peter Pan! How cruel! Love your post! 🙂



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