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1.) One day during bible study

Camper: “So, God randomly chose Mary.”

Me: “Not so random.”

Camper: “Oh…Well, God chose Mary and then he shoved Jesus in her tummy!”

Me: Pausing a moment to think. “Basically.”

2.) One day down at canoes

Me: “Don’t go over there because that is where the beaversharks are.”

Camper: “What do they look like?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Camper: “Are you scared of them?”

Me: “Nope. We are friends.”

3.) Another day down at canoes

Camper: “Where are the beaversharks?”

Me: “Over there.” pointing over my shoulder

Camper: “Can I go over there?”

Me: “Nope”

Camper: “Why not?”

Me: “Their prime feeding time is at 7:30pm.”

Camper: “What Time is it now?”

Another staffer: “7:25pm.”

Camper: Eyes go wide

 Other staffer and me: Burst into laughter

Camper: Confused look on her face. “What’s so funny about that?”

Other staffer and me: Burst into more laughter

4.) One day at lunch

Camper: Pointing with excitement “Oh look there is the missionaries’ son Shamu!”

Me: Laughing. “Shamu is the whale. That’s not how his name is pronounced.”

Camper: “close enough.”



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