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The Masters Experience: Behind the Counter

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The Masters is a very big deal in the World of Golf!

The Masters is known best for their quality of service that can be achieved during the week of the Golf Tournament for the members, patrons and guests that come through the gates every year.

For those that are working we are expected to exceed in achieve these expectations and performing our jobs with the highest level of detail.

With this in mind we are expected to remember several things in order to help members, patron and guest have the best master experience that they couldn’t possibly imagine.


  • Treat every member, patron and guest with respect, care and consideration.
  • Greet everyone warmly
  • Arrive to work in proper uniform or dress code
  • Take pride in all that you do since this could be the one and only opportunity a patron has to experience that Masters
  • Use the proper terminology of the Masters Tournament

Patrons instead of fans

“My pleasure” instead of “no problem”

Golf Shop instead of  Pro shop

Observation Stands instead of Bleachers

 Bunker instead of Sand Trap


Remembering all of this only adds to creating the experience for the Patrons and makes Masters Gold tournament a huge success year after year.


The Masters big is such  a deal that once the Masters is over they start planning again for the next one. The start the hiring process early by sorting through thousands of potential workers for several different positions.

I was one of those workers rehired for the same position I filled last year during Masters 2013.

I was a Beverage Attendant.

A Beverage attendant is required to work with either Iced Tea, coffee, Water, soda or Beer.

Logos on the cups are always facing the patrons so they can see the Masters logo as the go through the line.

Most everything is pre-poured except for the coffee and that is poured upon request so it’s nice and hot.

There is a wide selection of items to choose from and not expensive at all!

This year while working at the Masters I had the best time ever!

I got to have my own Masters experience.

I got to:

  • Meet all sorts of people
  • listen to all their neat accents
  • eat different types of Masters food during my lunch breaks
  • Make new friends with the people I worked with
  • Make someone’s day when I could help make the Masters Experience worth while for a Patron
  • Get up every morning at four am (this was a struggle but I did it!)
  • work 12-14 hours everyday


Each day there were new experience and new face with different accents everything was always so exciting!



Sunday- Drive, Chip and Putt

This was  open to boys and girls ages 7-15. They competed in separate divisions in four age categories: 7-9 years old; 10-11 years old; 12-13 years old; and 14-15 years old.

They were grouped based on their age for  the championship final.

88 junior golfers made history Sunday by competing in the inaugural Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals.

Eight junior golfers were crowned champions at Augusta National Golf Club.

The winners were: Kelly Xu (Girls 7-9), Treed Huang (Boys 7-9), Lucy Li (Girls 10-11), Leo Cheng (Boys 10-11), Natalie Pietromonaco (Girls 12-13), Bryson Bianco (Boys 12-13), Hunter Pate (Girls 14-15) and Patrick Welch (Boys 14-15).

I got to work in the concession stand this day.

I poured coffee all day.

I wish we had hot chocolate since so many people asked for it.

It was exciting to see so many of the parents and friends of these young golfers come through the line,


Who knows maybe one day one of them will win the Masters!

 Monday-Practice Round

This day was really short for me.

Play was suspended due to weather and I got to go home early.

I went home and watched the movie epic and went to sleep.

However, I was ready for the next day.

Tuesday- Practice Round

This was a beautiful day after so much rain and I was ready for a full day of serving drinks with a smile. I helped serve coffee all day and helped out with the water as much as possible.

It’s amazing just how much coffee we can go through and just how quickly you can run out.

Wednesday- Practice Round/ Par 3

This was a fun day!

I met so many people and got to ask most of them where they were from. Some from Scotland, England, Zimbabwe and Australia.

There were so many places to many to list!

There was this one guy from Australia though.

He kept asking for a PowerAde and I couldn’t for the life of me understand  what he was asking for. It almost sounded like He was asking for something that sounded like a party.

After finally getting everything cleared up I smiled my best smile and laughing told him I thought he said something about a party. This is when he invited me and the person I was working with to a party.

Sadly we both turned him down and told him we had to work tomorrow.

He then said, he did too and it didn’t matter and he also had to go home the next day.

We then said we had to come back to the concession stand to work and  he then said, “me too” then said, “he would see us then”!

Well all I can say was that he was very determined.

That was the last time we saw him.


Thursday-First Round

This was the day I got to pour sodas all day!

I poured so many sports drinks that I got blue dots stained on my hands.

Good thing no one looked too close!

They might have thought I had a disease.

Friday-Second Round

To start this day off we had a man come to our station and as us if this was the kissing booth!

Not a question I was expecting.

How do you really answer this?

Maybe like this… only if you’d like to kiss a coke. Then Smile really big!

I worked 14 hours on this day!


Saturday-Third Round

This is the day we ran out of green cups.

I got to pour beer this day and got overheated in the process.

It was super hot and water is just never enough no matter what everyone says.

So, I went home early and slept it off.

Sunday – Final Round

I got invited to go to Mexico with some  guy.

He was very nice. He even shook my hand.

I (hopefully) very smoothly and sweetly said Mexico could be an interesting place to visit one day.

I also got moved all over the place but, by the end of the day I manage to make it back to my original station and finished up where I started.

At the end of the day when the doors were closed our stand cheered  and we were ready to pack up and go home to rest.

I really enjoyed working the Masters this year and can’t wait to do it again next year!

Well, that is after I recover from this one…



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