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Book Recommendation Sunday

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Today’s book recommendation also has a movie to go with it!

I recommend the novel House.


Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker

Released March 7, 2007

Thomas Nelson

What’s it about?

A mind-bending supernatural thriller from the creators of This Present Darkness and Saint.

Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker—two of the most acclaimed writers of supernatural thrillers—have joined forces for the first time to craft a story unlike any you’ve ever read. Enter House—where you’ll find yourself thrown into a killer’s deadly game in which the only way to win is to lose . . . and the only way out is in.

The stakes of the game become clear when a tin can is tossed into the house with rules scrawled on it. Rules that only a madman—or worse—could have written. Rules that make no sense yet must be followed.

One game. Seven players. Three rules. Game ends at dawn.


Love Love  Love this novel!

I read this book while on vacation in Florida; picked it out at Wal-Mart and only took me one day to read. I stayed up all night just to finish this novel! This book is a great read for all who love a good suspense novel with hidden meanings intertwined in it’s pages.

If you’ve already read it let me know what you thought of House.  If you haven’t read this novel, go read it; then tell me what you think!

Go forth and read!



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