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God’s Not Dead Movie Review

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A religious college freshman must debate the existence of God with his skeptical philosophy professor in order to earn a passing grade. Josh Wheaton is a Christian who never thought his faith would get in the way of his education. So, he is upset when, on the first day of his Philosophy class when Professor Radisson  starts the semester by demanding that each of his students deny the existence of God in order to earn a passing grade.  Josh tries his best to refuse and Professor Radisson tells him that in order to continue in the class, he must make an air-tight argument for the defense. Also, the semester will culminate in a debate between teacher and student on the subject. If the class remains unconvinced of God’s existence, Josh fails, causing his entire academic future to go up in flames.

Released March 21, 2014

1hr 53min

PG:  An Accident Scene, Thematic Material and Brief Violence

Genres: Drama

Director: Harold Cronk

Leading Stars:

Shane Harper- Josh Wheaton

Kevin Sorbo- Professor Radisson

David A.R. White- Reverend Dave

Marco Khan- Misrab

Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson (Duck Dynasty)

What can I possible say about this movie?


I was blown away!

Mainly this film focuses on the argument between the cynic and the believer, but this movie has a bit more meat to it. There are few more characters and subplots. There is journalist with a cancer diagnosis, a brother and sister caring for their mother who has dementia, a Muslim girl who defies her father by being a Christian.

This movie is well-paced and easy to get caught up in. Makes you wonder what is going to happen next and will even yank a few tears from you.

The characters are a perfect fit for this movie. As is the soundtrack that plays throughout the movie and the appearance of Newsboys.

In the end this movie was more than just a film, it was a message. This film showed the problems Christians face on most college campuses today. While the credits are rolling, we are shown that there are hundreds of cases where Christian students and professors are fighting for their rights on campus.

Trust me when I say that you should go see this movie. You will be enlightened, inspired and you may even want to shed a few tears.

Go see this movie!

I  can’t wait for this movie to come out on DVD.


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