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Wishing on Invisible Stars

Today while visiting with my Mom I couldn’t help but make some wishes.

I wish…

She was the mother from when I was twelve.

I could snuggle up on the couch and watch a chick flick with her.

She would rub my back as we snuggle on the couch.

she would pick me up from school.

She would play pranks on me.

Laugh at all my dumb stories and jokes.

She could listen to all my problems and complaints.

She could give me advice for all my problems and complaints.

We could just talk about nothing important.

We could go shopping and argue over clothes I’m never ever going to wear.

I could have another argument with her.

I could call her on the phone while I’m at school.

I could see her everyday and not just once a week.

That one day I could take my boyfriend if there is one and introduce them.

That one day she will be there on my wedding day when it comes.

That she could spoil my children; her grandchildren.

She was at home.

She wasn’t in that nursing home.

She would smile at me.

She would remember my name.

She would remember who I am to her.

That there was a cure.

That she didn’t have Alzheimer’s disease.

She’d tell me she loves me.

But, I have hope that one day when she’s no longer here she will remember all the things she has forgotten these past ten years.

Until, then I will continue to cherish the time that I have with her. To love on her and hold her hand because I love her no matter how many invisible stars I wish on.


Remember to cherish the time you have with loved ones.




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